Let yourself go! Let the song of the seagulls wake you, let the chirping of the birds put a smile on your face, let the crickets in the shade of pine trees put you to sleep, let the sounds of jazz make you dance, let the church bells calm you



Where the stars look beautiful like nowhere else, where you breathe with your full lungs, where waves of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia intertwine, and where the last North Adriatic school of dolphins swim happily – that’s where the Lošinj Archipelago is located. This is a magical place that will seduce you with all its attributes - scents, tastes, sounds and preserved natural beauties.



Lošinj has a health tourism tradition of over 125 years. Thanks to its mild Mediterranean climate, pinewoods and air, this is an ideal place to recreate your body and spirit. Learn to live with us, in harmony with nature



Let yourself go! Dive into our world and feel the sun gently caress you, feel the rock trembling while the wave salutes it, see how pine trees catch the wind as it hides in their tops



Let yourself go! Enjoy a view of dolphins dancing in a school while a griffon vulture guards the sky, wall geckos happily crawl across house walls, and the best shrimp in the world plays the beat with its claws somewhere deep down in the sea


Mali Losinj | Catering facilities

Artatore (restaurant)
Red scorpionfish and congrid brodeto with polenta Sea bass cooked in wine with olive oil “Aldebrand Petrina” Shark marinade with sage and Lošinj wild onion / Wild asparagus with fuži (pasta) Crab soup “Contessa Hilda” Roasted island lamb under the bell Chicken, dry figs and bacon skewers Chocolate cake with island figs Crêpes with cottage cheese, sage honey and walnuts
Augusta Wine & Champagne bar
Take a look at our beautiful environment and discover the extensive wine list with over 50 different types of fine quality wines from our region as well as the world's vineyards.As we know, with a great wine always goes great cheese and ham, so we included in our offer a variety of delicacies of this type, which perfectly fits together with a glass of white or red wine.Follow us on a social networks Facebook and Instagram
Baracuda (inn)
Octopus salad with broad beans and fennel Tuna with agrimony herb and island olive oil Minestrone soup with Kvarner Bay squids Kvarner Bay shrimps sauce Candied almonds with orange rind “Annunziata”
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 233 309 GSM +385 (0)91 2231 613 Email
Bistro pastry Honey Dates: 08.05.2017 - 28.02.2018

[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 51 233 265 GSM +385 097 608 6820 Email
Borik Mediterranean Bar (buffet)
Beautifully located alongside one of the most beautiful beaches of Mali Lošinj, Borik is just the place to remember the taste of a pure wood charcoal BBQ. The scent of pine trees and soothing sound of waves make Borik's themed gastronomic evenings memorable and dishes like Cres steak with grilled vegetables will make the experience complete. Daily Selection Highlights: dalmatian fish platter, gourmet donuts, rump steak stroganoff with...
Bruschetta (Restaurant)
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj GSM +385 99 412 6556, +385 99 671 0736 Email
Bukaleta (tavern-pizzeria)
Lamb baked under “peka” –an iron cover with spring potatoes Squid "Lošinj" in sauce with polenta
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj GSM +385 (0)981951248
Camp Čikat (restaurant)
Chalvien (tavern)
Cigale (tavern)
Homemade pasta with island lemons Fish in St. Domenico sauce Apple pie with ice-cream
Corrado (tavern)
Cres lamb stew Adriatic squids Squids with kale Monkfish in wild asparagus sauce Sailor’s dentex „Anton Hreljić“ Lobster from the oven with vegetables Great choice of Croatian bottled wines *no farmed fish
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 232 487 GSM +385 (0)99 670 6226 Email
Deveron Gastro Pub
: 1.1.  -  31.12.
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 51 238 510 GSM +385 98 136 01 20 Email
Diana (restaurant)
Crab salad on toast Wild asparagus cream soup Ravioli “Diana“ Pork loin with prosciutto and sage Warm orange cheesecake
Dišpet (konoba)
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 51 232 512 GSM +385 91 884 2731 Email
Eki (restaurant)
Sardines in rosemary, onion and lemon sauce Fisherman’s salad “Kandija” Roasted octopus under the bell with potatoes, broad beans and grilled seasonal vegetables “Eugen Matković” Lamb stew with homemade potato or bread gnocchi Braised squids with potatoes Eagle ray buzara with fried sage Rosemary cake Crêpes with olive oil and sage honey Stuffed dried figs with walnuts in red wine
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 233 007 GSM +385 91 240 90 22 Email Website
Fregata (tavern)
Whitefish from the oven with St. Martin sauce
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 233 158 GSM +385 (0)98 948 6209 Email
Ivanka (restaurant)
1. Sea food risotto 2. Octopus baked under “peka”– an iron cover with potatoes
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 231 934
Kadin (restaurant)
1. Scampi a la Kadin 2. Veal and turkey escalope in meat juice
Kredo bar
Lanterna (barbecue stall)
Lanterna (tavern)
1. Home made fish soup 2. Squid stuffed with scampi and smoked ham
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 233 625
Kvarner food
Lošinjsko jidro (buffet)
Specialities: 1. Lamb from the island baked under "peka" - an iron cover or spit roasted with potatoes flavoured with aromatic herbs 2. Medallions rolled in bacon with croquettes and mixed vegatables
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 233 424 GSM +385 (0)98 430 643 Email
Nino (Restaurant)
1. “Žvacet”- Istrian lamb goulash with potato dumplings 2. “Brodetto”- Musky octopus stew with polenta au gratin
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 231 490
Noštromo (restaurant)
Potato stew with Adriatic aquids Kvarner Bay shrimps in citrus fruit sauce Sea bass in aromatic salt „Deveron“ Island’s monkfish fillet “Papuči” - crêpes with dried fruit
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 231 784 GSM +385 (0)99 671 0736 Email
Pizza cut Bulldog ll
Pizza „Flink“ Pommes frites *pizza - free delivery
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 233 011 GSM +385 (0)99 755 25 56 Email Website
Pizzeria Rafiki
Pizzeria Rafiki More then 65 kind of pizza, grilled specialties & pasta. You can make your own pizza! Dog friendly: √ Wifi: √
Plitvice (inn)
1. Octopus salad with rocket salad, tomatoes and corn 2. Oven baked lamb with spring potatoes
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 231 243
Porto (buffet)
Fish fillet with agrimony herb Black risotto “Grazia Divina” Musky octopus salad
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 231 956 GSM +385 (0)98 925 4232 Email
Sarag (tavern)
1. Squid stuffed with scampi 2. Mackerel fishermen’s style with pasta in basil sauce
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj GSM +385 (0)98 9476 458
Silvana (tavern)
Aromatic gnocchi “Lošinj” Black cuttlefish risotto Shark fillet in wine with bay leaf Crab salad “Primo Lussignano” Lošinj wild asparagus omlette Island minestrone soup “Dolac” Nona Dora’s buzara Grilled island lamb
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 232 591 GSM +385 (0)98 425 322 Email Website
Veli žal (restaurant)
Sea bass with lemon „Anton Botterini“ Lošinj fish soup Lamb in island herbs sauce Crêpes with figs and orange
[Mjesto] Mali Losinj Tel +385 (0)51 667 260 GSM +385 (0)98 485 480 Email Website
Za kantuni (restaurant)
Prijava gostiju
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