Let yourself go! Have a gastro delight that will introduce you to the Lošinj cuisine, aromatic specialties and the Lošinj Cuisine Festival in spring. Take a journey through flavors you have not had the chance to try



Let yourself go! Enjoy a view of dolphins dancing in a school while a griffon vulture guards the sky, wall geckos happily crawl across house walls, and the best shrimp in the world plays the beat with its claws somewhere deep down in the sea



Let yourself go! Dive into our world and feel the sun gently caress you, feel the rock trembling while the wave salutes it, see how pine trees catch the wind as it hides in their tops



Let yourself go! Let the song of the seagulls wake you, let the chirping of the birds put a smile on your face, let the crickets in the shade of pine trees put you to sleep, let the sounds of jazz make you dance, let the church bells calm you



Where the stars look beautiful like nowhere else, where you breathe with your full lungs, where waves of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia intertwine, and where the last North Adriatic school of dolphins swim happily – that’s where the Lošinj Archipelago is located. This is a magical place that will seduce you with all its attributes - scents, tastes, sounds and preserved natural beauties.


Nerezine | Catering facilities

Lopari (restaurant)
We set out to bring you the “Around the World with Lošinj Sails” project, developed in cooperation with the Tourist Board of Mali Lošinj, striving to promote tourism and the island of Lošinj as a tourist destination. By reviving and recalling our eventful history, cultural heritage and Lošinj's maritime tradition, especially its golden era (1853-1884), we wish to introduce you to the glorious past of our archipelago. The golden era of Lošinj's...
[Mjesto] Nerezine Tel +385 (0)51 237 074
Manora (restaurant)
Lošinj lemon pie with macarons Pasta with island herbs and salted cheese pesto Mixed fish brodeto with aromatic polenta “Contessa Hilda” Nerezine lamb with peas Veal liver with sage and wild rocket sauce
[Mjesto] Nerezine Tel +385 (0)51 237 460 GSM +385 (0)98 329 608 Email manora@manora-losinj.hr Website www.manora-losinj.hr
Televrin (restaurant)
Prijava gostiju
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