Let yourself go! Dive into our world and feel the sun gently caress you, feel the rock trembling while the wave salutes it, see how pine trees catch the wind as it hides in their tops



Let yourself go! Enjoy a view of dolphins dancing in a school while a griffon vulture guards the sky, wall geckos happily crawl across house walls, and the best shrimp in the world plays the beat with its claws somewhere deep down in the sea



Lošinj has a health tourism tradition of over 125 years. Thanks to its mild Mediterranean climate, pinewoods and air, this is an ideal place to recreate your body and spirit. Learn to live with us, in harmony with nature



Let yourself go! Have a gastro delight that will introduce you to the Lošinj cuisine, aromatic specialties and the Lošinj Cuisine Festival in spring. Take a journey through flavors you have not had the chance to try



Where the stars look beautiful like nowhere else, where you breathe with your full lungs, where waves of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia intertwine, and where the last North Adriatic school of dolphins swim happily – that’s where the Lošinj Archipelago is located. This is a magical place that will seduce you with all its attributes - scents, tastes, sounds and preserved natural beauties.


Nerezine | Attractions

Remains of the church under Osoršćica
The so-called St. Mary Magdalene’s Church under Osoršćica. Probably built by the Benedictines, this antique church was built (12th century) in the middle of the big channel located on the pass between St. Nicholas peak and Televrin peak.
The Draža family's tower. On the fertile and rich areas of the Nerezine valley stands a small solid fort, the so-called „Kaštel“. It represented the antique home of the wealthy and powerful patrician family from Osor: Draža, who built it in the 15th century to defend their property from pirate attacks.
Church of St. Maria Magdalena
Nerezine is an old island town on Lošinj situated on the slopes of Osoršćica. It started to assume today's form in the 19th century after the town population started to increase. At first the local population mostly lived off the land and raised cattle but during the course of time the local shipbuilding industry had developed so on the verge of World War II people of Nerezine owned about forty wooden sailboats equipped with inboard motors and...
Halmac - Veli i Mali Tržić
Veli i Mali Tržić were once two separate close settlements. Their origin is unknown but Mali Trsić is probably older; St. Gaudentius was probably born here, a Benedictine monk who later, around the year 1030, became the Bishop of Osor.
Halmac area
A charming hill marked by scattered houses, among the oldest in Nerezine. On its peak (108m) there was a Bronze Age castle back in ancient times. An interesting thing is a charming natural pond nearby.
Mountain Lodge- Sv. Gavdent
Sv. Gavdent Mountain Lodge The Lodge is located on the north side of Mount Osoršćica on the Mažova Gora peak (274 m). The Mountain Lodge is operated by the Sv. Gavdent Mountaineering Association and is open every day between 1 April and 1 October and on weekends only outside this period. The Mountain Lodge offers simple food (grill, stew, soups…) and refreshing drinks to everyone. The Lodge can accommodate 16 persons in a common bedroom...
Osoršćica – mountaineering trail
Osoršćica – mountaineering trail. The peak of St. Mikula with its small chapel has a stunning panorama. The peak Televrin 588 m, cave St. Gaudencija and Vela Jama (Large pit).
Parish church of Our Lady of Good Health
Single nave parish church of Our Lady of Good Health was built in 1877. On the main altar is a painting of Our Lady with St. Nicholas and St. Gaudencia attributed to Palm junior.
Polanža castle (212 m)
A well-laid out complex of forts from the Bronze Period situated at the top of the panoramic hill in the vicinity of the settlement Ćunski.
Polje (underneath Tržić)
The remains of a field church known as St. Peter. Sticking to tradition, it should have been built at the wish of St. Gaudentius. Only particular parts of the original wall construction remain (dimensions: around 5 m x 3 m).
Studenac Square
Studenac Square has every reason to be called the heart of Nerezine. This historical, recently renovated square becomes the location of numerous shops, cafes, restaurants and one pastry shop, particularly during the summer months. The fountain (today the symbolic well) was well-known once, when the citizens took fresh water from it for their own needs.
The Church and Monastery of St. Francis
It was founded by the Franciscans. The single-nave church and the adjoining monastery were built in the period from 1505 to 1513 while the renaissance church tower was built between 1590 and 1604. Among other things you can also see valuable paintings of religious character in the church. It is also very recommended that you see the inner cloister.
The Nerezine port
The Nerezine port increasingly developed between the 18th and 19th centuries, as a consequence of the consolidation of activities related to the sea, such as fishing and above all, sea traffic and trade. At the beginning of the 20th century the trade fleet of the town reached the number of 37 vessels.
Tržićko guvno (threshing floor)
Among numerous scattered houses in Veli Trsić, which are mostly in ruins today, here and there you can notice interesting elliptic or round constructions. These are threshing floors above which, a long time ago during a windy weather, farmers from that area used to beat the grain in order to clean it from any impurities.
Vela Jama
This horizontally developed cave opens toward the western belt of the island of Lošinj. The humans resided here already back in the Middle Paleolithic period. In its interior the archaeologists found ceramic parts and artifacts, some of them being among the oldest found so far on these territories and over 10 000 years old.
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