Apoxyomenos on the Island of Vitality and the Apoxyomenos Museum at the International Exhibition in Florence


A replica of the renowned Apoxyomenos statue and a presentation about the Apoxyomenos project and its new Museum in Mali Lošinj will be presented at the international archaeological exhibition and fair entitled tourismA.

“tourismA - Salone Internazionale dell’Archeologia” will take place in Florence from February 17th to 19th, 2017. This is a manifestation with the goal of presenting, exhibiting and comparing numerous projects, museums, initiatives and institutions associated with the promotion and communication of the legacy of ancient times, as well as valorisation of archaeology in the world of contemporary events. This is the ideal opportunity to present once again the unusual globally relevant and alluring 'Apoxyomenos on the Island of Vitality' story , including the new and unique Museum of Apoxyomenos– Apoxyomenos' permanent home, in Florence, the city that has played an important role in the restoration of the statue of Apoxyomenos, as well as in defining its significance and promotion.

During the lengthy and professional restoration of the statue of Apoxyomenos following its spectacular discovery and extraction from the depths of the sea surrounding Lošinj, in cooperation with the Italian institute Opificio delle Pietre Dure in Florence, a comprehensive program of conservation-restoration research was prepared. The first presentation of this valuable bronze statue outside of Croatia took place in Florence (from September 2006 to January 2007). Ten years following the exhibition of the Apoxyomenos in the prestige Palazzo Medici Riccardi organized by Provicnia di Firenze and the Croatian Conservation Institute, and following the opening of its own unique Museum in Mali Lošinj built solely for it, the story of Apoxyomenos returns to Florence to remind the global, the European and the Italian public about the value of this antique treasure and to present its archaeological, museum and tourism significance.

A replica of the statue of Apoxyomenos will be displayed during all three days of the manifestation in the central section of the exhibition area of Palazzo dei Congresi where the exhibition and the fair will take place. The bronze statue that is 192 centimetres tall and weighs 250 kilograms entirely resembles the original statue that permanently resides in the White Room at the Museum in Mali Lošinj. The Apoxyomenos replica was created using the lost-wax casting technique at the foundry of the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb. During the construction of the Apoxyomenos Museum, while the original statue of Apoxyomenos was hosted by some of the most influential museums in the world; the Louvre in Paris, the British Museum in London and the J. P. Getty Museum in Los Angeles, the replica of the statue was set up in the Apoxyomenos' White Room at the Museum and it served as the model for final formation and realisation of the “tailored” room concept – created right then and there for the setup of diffuse lighting, climate and security conditions. In the future, the bronze replica of Apoxyomenos will continually be presented on the international scene to introduce the audiences to the 'Apoxyomenos on the Island of Vitality' story and the Museum of Apoxyomenos.

At the fair and exhibition in Florence, the Museum of Apoxyomenos and the destination project entitled 'Apoxyomenos on the Island of Vitality' will be presented at the exhibition spot by the staff of the Museum of Apoxyomenos and the representatives of the Tourism Association of the City of Mali Lošinj, Jadranka d.d. and Jadranka hotel d.o.o. Ms. Ana Kučić, the Deputy Mayor of the City of Mali Lošinj, and Mr. Miljenko Domijan, will hold a public presentation on February 17th, 2017 at 5 PM in front of the Ministry of Culture on the topic of 'Apoxyomenos on the Island of Lošinj' and the Museum of Apoxyomenos as a part of the fair program. Mr. Gari Cappelli, the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Croatia, is also expected to make an appearance.

In accordance with the return of the magnificent statue and the opening of the Museum of Apoxyomenos, a destination project was conceptualised and a theme catalogue entitled Apoxyomenos on the Island of Vitality was created with the goal of presenting Lošinj as a destination that has nurtured its many treasures since the antiquity. This project has tied together the cultural heritage of the island, the Apoxyomenos and the tourism offer in an interactive manner so that a guest who visits the Museum of Apoxyomenos can also enjoy the Apoxyomenos antique cuisine, try the Apoxyomenos massage, use the Apoxyomenos line of cosmetics, purchase antiquity based souvenirs and products (Apoxyomenos tea, antique dishes, antique jewellery), enjoy sailing on the ancient navigational routes and explore the undersea with archaeological localities. Tourist agencies offer special packages to guests: “Apoxyomenos in the Bay of Augustus“, “Apoxyomenos on Apsyrtides“, “Apoxyomenos between Pola and Iadera“ and “Apoxyomenos and Antique Croatia“. The Apoxyomenos inspired offer introduces the visitors to a complete cultural and destination experience through a mixture of nature, tradition, culture and well-being. Furthermore, the “Apoxyomenos on the Island of Vitality“ project was rewarded with a prize for the best innovation of the year at the traditional gathering of tourism workers entitled 'Days of Croatian Tourism' that took place in October on the Island of Brač.

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