Sports and Vitality on Lošinj in April


Mild healing climate, over 200 hours of sunshine per year, and lush vegetation make Lošinj a perfect destination for year-round sports activities, so it is no surprise that the Island of Vitality is hosting many sports events.

Over 250 participants in the 7th International Firefighters' Race and 4th Euro Cup of Professional Firefighters marked the beginning of an active April on Lošinj. The 8 km race ran from Čikat Bay to Sunčana on the edges of the forest and on footpaths by the sea.

The adrenaline-packed month continues with cycling. Thousands of competitors from numerous countries will cycle on the Island of Vitality by taking part in the 3rd 4Island MTB Stage Race from 19-22 April and in Downhill Lošinj, extreme mountain bike race from 22-23 April 2017. This year's 4th Downhill Lošinj race will be an introduction to the World Cup 2018 – Downhill Lošinj (21-22 April 2018) which is expected to gather around 10,000 visitors.

Aromatherapy and sports fans will profit this year too, from 8-23 April 2017 during the 5th Apsyrtides Aromatherapy Festival which will include many activities, workshops, and classes discussing health, sports, and vitality. The opening of the 5th annual festival will take place on 8th April 2017 on the main square in Mali Lošinj. Lošinj Flower will be taking place at the same time, turning the square into a flower spectacle.

Festival of Apoxyomenos and Antiquity will take place for the first time from 27th April to 22nd May 2017. The visitors will be able to experience and try out different products inspired by Apoxyomenos and the ancient times, such as cultural tours, sailing on the ancient maritime routes, diving on archaeological sites, Apoxyomenos natural cosmetics, souvenirs, and other products. Within the festival, the traditional 11th Lošinj Cuisine Festival will also take place that will highlight the Apoxyomenos ancient cuisine, which is always appealing for many foodies. The Museum of Apoxyomenos, a unique museum on the Mediterranean, is also preparing many surprises for its visitors.

Lovers of museums and cultural heritage will definitely find the Lošinj Museum in the Fritzi Palace very interesting. As of 22nd April 2017, they will be able to visit the Other-Real Space (Drugi-pravi prostor) exhibition by Jelena Bando, as well as an exhibition on graphic installations and graphics by Ana Vivoda from 26th April to 27th May 2017. Lošinj also offers musical and theatrical performances so on 24th April 2017 the local Vladimir Nazor Cinema will host “Patrola 1” play by RI teatar and children's play “The Smurfs” by Element One tourism animation on 30th April. Josip Kašman Wind Orchestra's Easter concert will take place on 17th April. Not to miss is the 35th anniversary of the Lošinj Moto Club from 21-22 April 2017 in Mali Lošinj.

In an effort to preserve folk tradition and introduce it to the youth, from 10th April to 31st May the public library in Mali Lošinj will hold a workshop on creating folk costumes. The joint action of cleaning and participation in the Green and Blue Cleaning action on 22nd April 2017 will contribute to raising awareness on environmental protection.

Thanks to numerous natural healing factors and a rich offer, Lošinj has all prerequisites to achieve a successful year-round business. Guided by quality destination management, the Town of Mali Lošinj and Tourism Board of the Town of Mali Lošinj have created many projects and theme events this year that will meet the needs of all guests throughout the year. Sports, active holiday, wellness and health, and the opportunity to offer these during the entire year, are the main elements of the tourism offer of Lošinj – Island of Vitality and it is precisely this that we want to highlight and make available to our guests, said Ms. Ana Kučić, acting mayor of the Town of Mali Lošinj.

Numerous paths and promenades with magnificent views of the sea and island's biodiversity, rich cultural and historical heritage, hospitality, and professional organisation of these events will surely attract many sports enthusiasts and adventure seekers.

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