Festival of Apoxyomenos and Ancient Times presents 11th Festival of Lošinj Cuisine


From 27th April to 22nd May 2017 during the first Festival of Apoxyomenos and Ancient Times the visitors will be able to experience and try different services and products inspired by the Apoxyomenos and the antiquity.

Along with the cultural tours, sailing the ancient maritime routes, diving on archaeological sites, Apoxyomenos natural cosmetics, Apoxyomenos massage, anti-stress treatments, body care, souvenirs, and products, the visitors can take part in many creative workshops and classes such as woodwork and painting on wood, learning about the process of wine making, Apoxyomenos cooking school, felt school, ancient wine workshops, little school of heritage and destination management, as well as have gastro-oenological experiences.

This year again the unique bronze statue of Apoxyomenos and its home, the Museum of Apoxyomenos, have inspired the local restaurateurs to create an interesting offer of specialities made with ingredients that were typically used in the ancient times. The 11th Festival of Lošinj Cuisine will take part during the Festival of Apoxyomenos and Ancient Times, and the accent will be on the Apoxyomenos ancient cuisine.

Supported by the Town of Mali Lošinj and Tourism Board of the Town of Mali Lošinj, as much as 15 restaurants will offer two menus with local specialities at affordable prices. The three course menus with a glass of wine will definitely tingle the palates of many foodies and immerse them in a rich cultural heritage of the Lošinj islands. The regular, everyday food in the ancient times was simple and basic and this moderation was reflected not only in the amount of food that was served, but also in the way it was consumed. The ingredients and spices used in preparation are exactly the same like those used by the ancient Greeks. The so-called mythical triad – wheat, olives, and wine as the essence of the ancient cuisine coupled with fish and other seafood are the basis of what we call today the Mediterranean diet.

27th April marks the birthday of Apoxyomenos. On this day, after a long deep blue sleep, the bronze statue saw the light of the day (27th April 1999), so the opening of the first Festival of Apoxyomenos and Ancient Times on Lošinj will take place on 28th April 2017 at 6pm at the Riva Lošinjh kapetana in front of the Museum of Apoxyomenos. Many restaurateurs, wine makers, and catering students from the Ambroz Haračić High School in Mali Lošinj will present and offer their dishes to visitors, and an insight into the special ancient cuisine will definitely be achieved by the gastro-table in the Museum of Apoxyomenos, which has also prepared many surprises for its visitors.

This year too, thanks to numerous natural healing factors and Lošinj's rich offer, guided by the quality destination management, Town of Mali Lošinj and the Tourism Board of the Town of Mali Lošinj have created many projects and theme events to meet the needs of all guests throughout the year. A blend of cuisine, sports, active holiday, and health has resulted in this year's first Festival of Apoxyomenos and Ancient Times. The guests will be able to enjoy the Apoxyomenos massage, body care treatments, many workshops and classes, and taste the Apoxyomenos ancient cuisine, thus experiencing the ancient Lošinj, said president of the Town of Mali Lošinj Tourism Board, Ms. Ana Kučić.

This year's Festival of Apoxyomenos and Ancient Times with 11th Festival of Lošinj Cuisine present a special ancient gastronomic story that offers a magical experience to the visitors and takes them back in the antiquity. Don't forget to visit the Tourism Board's website to discover the complete offer of the Festival, participants of the 11th Festival of Lošinj Cuisine, and their menus. Get a table on time and enjoy the menus of Apoxyomenos Ancient Cuisine.


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